TuiNa AnMo, also known as Chinese massage in the West.

Already in the Sui/Tang Dynasties (581-907 AD) TuiNa AnMo was used as an important treatment measure and established as an independent treatment system in the highest medical educational institutions.

In the classical work of traditional Chinese medicine, „The Yellow Emperor for Internal Medicine (HuangDiNèiJing)“, TuiNa AnMo is described as one of the five best-known treatment methods (herbal medicine, needle/moxibustion, stone needles/plates, TuiNa AnMo, and Qi Gong).

TuiNa AnMo consists of four basic hand techniques:
Tui = pushing
Na = kneading
On = pressing
Mo = stroking

The trained and skillful hands of the masseur act through the tissue on the various body levels, e.g. skin, subcutaneous, meridian, muscle, fascia, etc.

The different hand techniques (stimuli, pressure) dissolve tensions and the energy flow is stimulated to flow freely. The massage can also have a positive effect on mental relaxation.

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